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Geysir Hestar

Kjóastaðir II

The farm - close to Geysir and Gullfoss, the most famous attractions in Iceland, was built around the great Icelandic horses. Over hundred horses belong to this place running freely as far as you can see on the horizon.

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Ása, Hjalti and the team

"We don't have a work, we have a life."

We are Ása and Hjalti - the family of the farm. Always keeping good mood, we have managed to be in this business more than 30 years and still be as thrilled as in the beginning. Together with our team, happy horses, fun rides, sunny people and big smiles have taken over our place.

Ása is the home-maker of the family. She never forgets any guest, making sure everyone is smiling. Ása is a master in the kitchen and has an outstanding talent of taking the best from traditional Icelandic cuisine and transforming it to a modern meal. You will see a lot of inspirational quotes all over the farm - she also has a special knack for interior design and bringing positivity into everyday life.

Hjalti is the man that can do anything. Born as a horse-lover, he has been leading riding tours all his life and still is as passionate about these animals as in his childhood. And horses love him too! Hjalti is master in choosing the right horse for every rider.

There would be no Geysir Hestar without our extended family. Freya and Ella, our two 'right hands' have been here for many years and love this place, horses & Iceland as much as we do.

And during summers, when it gets busier, girls from all over the world come to help us and together we turn this farm to a place where magic happens. Our always changing team are not workers and employers - we are family.

Ása & Hjalti
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Freya & Ella
The Farm
The farm

Kjóastaðir 2 is a real farm. Not only horses but also sheep, lambs, rabbits, chickens, a dog and a cat lives here.

Tenor, is a young, always happy and energetic dog who still learns how to do his job. Sometimes a little too active, he can make a mess but he is definitely a friend of everyone.

Remington is a cat - the one and only. He is a hunter, a boss, a king and a cheese-lover all in one body. He rules this farm with an observant eye but never says no to a nice rub!

Trina is our lady rabbit. She roams freely on the farm and is a wonderful mother to all her baby bunnies. She loves crackers, fresh grass and a little of bit of attention too!

The horses

Smooth, friendly and fast, Icelandic horses have carried people throughout centuries - this breed over time has developed into exceptional riding breed with great spirit, calm mind and unique gaits. They not only walk, trot, canter but also tölt and pace. Haven't heard of those before? Pay a visit to us and feel the gaits yourself!

We consider our 100 horses our most reliable staff members - there is nothing our four-legged friends wouldn't do for our riders. Going through rivers, highlands, long tours is it hot or is it cold. They never misstep and never say no.

Every single one of our herd has a different personality and there is a big chance of meeting your perfect horse match - wiser and older for beginner riders, younger and faster for the experienced ones. And they are always up for a scratch for those who don't ride.

Come and meet them all!

The Horses
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